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Oak Park garden of eden sex toys

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п»їBob Haircut: the spring cut for Victoria Beckham and other celebrities |
Bob Haircut: the spring cut for Victoria Beckham and other celebrities. It is still one of the haircuts that cause a trend this spring, but now hairdressers are going to be filled with customers asking after seeing that even the former Spice Girl and now designer, Victoria Beckham has also signed up for this fashion. But it is not the only famous one that shows this flattering bob haircut, which you can also take it to different heights, over the shoulder like Miley Cyrus, smooth as the singer Shakira or grunge style like Scarlett Johansson.
The last to sign up for this hair trend has been the most pija Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham, who in her new role as a designer follows all fashions. The last, the most in haircut among all the famous, the bob, she in longer version over the shoulders. The first thing we met was thanks to her, as she uploaded a photo to Twitter of the strand of hair that had been cut, although it didn't take long for the photographers to take a picture with their new look.
As will be the haircut of this spring 2012 and the year, we will review the different styles that you can give, depending on your face, seeing how the celebrities wear it for you to take ideas:
Scarlett Johansson
The most sensual blonde in the world of cinema, pointed to this trend some time ago, wearing her most grunge style, combed with waves, giving it a casual and casual touch, although it is still ideal to wear it in the best red carpets.
Alexa Chung: The fashionable girl has also been betting for a long time for this haircut, over her shoulder and dares to wear it with or without bangs, always combed with waves to give volume to her face.
Charlize Theron:
Another blonde who has signed up since the end of 2011 to this haircut, with a very light tone of hair and hairstyle with waves, looks a little shorter than the previous ones, in addition to giving her a casual and fresh air.
Keira Knightley: The beautiful actress has also been wearing the bob haircut for a season, longer than the previous ones and staggered with a very natural light brown hair tone. With this hairstyle he manages to soften his marked features, modernizing his style.
Shakira: One of the last to sign up for this haircut, which takes him very short and with bangs at times, which has caused a radical change in the look of the Colombian singer since her wild mane is one of her signs of Identity on stage. In addition, when he wears it smooth as a board it hardens his features a bit and removes the freshness that his hair gave it.
Katy Perry: The singer has already gone from this haircut to focus on the blue color that now looks on her hair, which combines it with extensions in some of her performances. But at the beginning of the year we could see it with a very flattering look, with the bob cut at the nape of the neck in a light blond that sat very well. We hope you get it back soon.
Miley Cyrus:
It is one of the last to sign up for this trend, and unlike Shakira, it has been very good to get rid of her long hair and leave her hair at shoulder height. He has also succeeded in combining this trend with the most in, California wicks.
These are the different styles that you can give your bob haircut and you are sure to hit this spring with your most fashionable look.

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